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Kai M
Editor in chief at // Law & Philosophy graduate // Jurist // Dedicated to a candid and genuine discussion of the psychedelic experience.

What I learned at the Kill the Bill Protest in London

For those who don’t know, the United Kingdom just recently took another giant leap towards fascism. A bill has been introduced by the Conservative party which aims to curb citizens’ rights to organize as a group, increases sentencing for property damage, increases police powers with regards to physical activity, and outlaws anything deemed a nuisance.

Since it reached Parliament, there have been consistent protests and demonstrations against it occurring throughout the country, the largest of which usually happening in London (as that is where Parliament is located).

On April 3, I chose to attend one of these demonstrations, as I…

Fasting is about much more than losing weight.

Illustration by me

Fasting is often associated with weight loss, as it is often treated as either a type of diet, or an alternative to dieting. However, I believe this is a poor way of looking at fasting. While weight loss is a regular part of fasting, discussing it only through this lens gives a limited picture of its effects on the body as a whole.

There are many reasons to fast which are not related to weight loss or weight management. In fact, my reasons for fasting are not tied to weight loss. Here are some of those reasons. Where appropriate, I…

What are the limits of cultural appropriation?

Illustration by me

Say I was a fashion designer who wished to incorporate my Venezuelan and Ghanian heritage into my pieces. Say I wished to use high-quality materials, and employ a small number of highly skilled individuals to make these clothes (e.g. 1–10 people). Say I also spend a great deal of research, planning, and creativity conceptualizing these pieces.

It is likely that for these reasons, the clothes I make will come with a high price tag. We’re talking about prices like £400 for a jumper/sweater, £300 for trousers, £700 for a dress, etc. Essentially these are high-end prices. …

What does life simply not give?

Flower — Illustration by me

At a certain point in our existence, we begin to develop expectations on how our life will be. From a very young age, we start thinking about what our future will be like. When we’re children, our expectations generally only extend into the beginnings of adulthood, with us often thinking about what sort of “dream job” we’ll have when we grow up. Of course, this type of thinking is driven by a schooling system that instills in us an insidious desire to dream of working. When we get older, and we have already lived a reasonable portion of our lives…

There is nothing wrong with distancing yourself from a friend if they romantically reject you, but compassion and communication are paramount.

Illustration by me

Back when I was in the first year of university I made a friend. We were not in the same classes, or on the same course, but our timetables seemed to align in such a way that we would run into each other maybe three times a week. When I became friends with her, my intentions were only ever platonic; I was happy to have simply met someone with who I could comfortably share personal stuff so early on during my time at uni.

However, one day, after a couple of months, I noticed I had developed a romantic attraction…

A potent and spiritually significant alternative to buying ethically dubious crystals

Illustration by me, depicting the chemical structure for Amethyst Violet

Crystals have a long history of being used in a wide array of spiritual practices. For many, they are a significant and even instrumental part of their beliefs. However, thought is not always given to how those crystals are sourced.

The majority of crystals sold are mined in ways that are harmful to the environment, such as via strip mining (which destroys forests, natural habitats, and other landscapes), or even via the exploitation of disadvantaged individuals and children from places like the Republic of Congo and Madagascar.

Of course, it is still very much possible to ethically source naturally forming…

A small collection of philosophy books that are simple and clear enough to be understood by people who have no formal education in philosophy whatsoever

Illustration by me

Philosophy is generally considered to be an elitist field, and for good reason. The academic world has done very little to reach out and engage with the public. Philosophy is a tough subject to study, and this is not just because of the content, it is also because there are few people who are willing to make it open.

Additionally, most philosophical texts are tough to read. They often contain a ton of jargon and deeply specific language. Some texts are written in a dialectical format, where the authors (such as Hegel, Heidegger, and to some extent Kierkegaard) argue for…

Understanding Carl Jung’s spiritual phenomenon

Connections — Illustration by me

Synchronicity is one of Psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s most significant concepts. This reasonably simple idea is the key to understanding Jung’s overall thoughts on life, reality, and spirituality as a whole.

Meaningful coincidences

Synchronicity can be simplistically defined as the existence of “meaningful coincidences”, where more than one event is connected together by neither causality nor mere probability.

Synchronicities are things which are both:

  1. Connected without any cause,
  2. And significant to somebody or something.

Carl Jung provides an example of synchronicity, which occurred when he was working with a particularly tough patient who was being reluctant to his methods of treatments. She had…

An ancient, yet simple, method of divination requiring only one object — a book

Illustration by me

Bibliomancy is a form of divination where you use the pages and passages from a book to attain spiritual knowledge or guidance. It is an ancient method of divination, dating back to as early as 2 BC with Jewish scholars using the Torah. It has also been used in Chinese culture with the I Ching.

Choosing the right book:

Bibliomancy is an extremely easy form of divination, requiring only one object: a book. However, not just any book can be used. To successfully perform bibliomancy, you need to use a book that you have some significant spiritual connection with. It is common for religious…

An unusual and powerful dissociative drug

Illustration by me

3-MeO-PCE is a strange and rare drug. It is a substance so rare that it has no street name. This is not the sort of drug that you just run into. For these reasons, my experience of this drug is very limited, although I have tried it around five times (which is five times more than most people I know).

For those who may not know, 3-MeO-PCE (3-Methoxyeticyclidine) is a stimulating dissociative which lasts around six hours. It is potent, with a threshold dose of just 1mg, and a standard dose of around 5–10mg. In some ways, it is similar…

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