Three Life Lessons I Have Learned from Fasting

Insights from a Long-Term Faster

Kai M
3 min readMay 10, 2022


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Most of the time, I am doing 24, 36, or 48-hour fasts, with one or two meals between them– I have been doing this for around four years now. My reasons for doing so relate mostly to mental health benefits, namely reduced anxiety. Over this huge period of time, I have learned some important lessons about life that I don’t think I would have gained if it wasn’t for fasting. I figured I would share them, as I believe they could be helpful even for people who do not fast.

1. Sharing Meals Strengthens Bonds

It is not unusual for fasters to prioritise their dietary habits over their friendships, romantic partnerships, and other relationships. This is something I have done in the past, although in recent years I have learned to value the significance of sometimes forgoing my fasting schedule so that I can eat (or drink) with loved ones.

Eating together is an extremely important part of socialising. There is a type of vulnerability that comes with sharing a meal that cannot easily be attained elsewhere. This is not something I had ever noticed in the past (back before I fasted) but nowadays it is something I cannot unsee.

Breaking bread helps to form bonds with people. I have found that my connections with people grow deeper and richer when I share food with them. This is increased two-fold if we are cooking togehter!

2. Boredom Breeds Recklessness

When I get bored, I start to eat. This is something I’ve noticed for a while. It got me questioning what else boredom triggers within me. I’m not necessarily talking about the type of boredom that lasts 2 or so hours – I mean the type of boredom that seeps into your everyday life and causes you to feel stuck in a rut.

Boredom causes us to act. Sometimes these actions are good, but oftentimes boredom can lead to rash and hasty decisions. I have found my own experiences tend to be the latter. The problem with boredom is that it is not the best headspace to think as it can dull your emotions and bring about abject frustration. This can make the perfect conditions for dangerous actions and ideas. Sometimes being bored can trigger us to try…



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